Database Concepts

CSCI 688

Spring 2018

Course Description

Principles of database design.

Topics and Suggested Schedule

A rough course outline is given below. Some topics may be lengthened or removed at the discretion of the instructor.
Week Subject Reading Assignment
Jan 16 Basic Database Concepts: Architecture and Data Models El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 1-2
Entity-Relationship Data Modeling El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 3
Jan 23 ER Modeling El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 4
Relational Data Model El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 5
Jan 31 ER to Realtional Database Conversion El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 9
Relational Algebra
El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 8
Feb 6 Relational Algebra El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 8
Relational Calculus El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 8
Feb 13 Relational SQL (Review of SQL queries, create, and load) El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 6
Embedded SQL programming
Feb 20 Relational SQL (Views, etc.) El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 7
Normalization: 1NF - 3NF & BCNF (Review and continue) El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 14
Feb 27 Normalization: Lossless Join Decomposition El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 15
Normalization: Lossless Join Decomposition (continued)
Mar 6 Normalization: Functional Dependency Preserving
El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 15
**** MIDTERM ****
**** Spring Break ****
Mar 20 Transaction Processing El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 20
Transaction Support in SQL
Mar 27 Concurrency Control El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 21
Concurrency Control (continued)
Apr 3 Database Recovery Techniques El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 22
Database Recovery Techniques (continued)
Apr 10 Distributed Databases El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 23
Distributed Databases
Apr 17 NoSQL El Masri / Navathe
Ch. 24
Apr 24 NoSQL
May 1 NoSQL


CSCI 466/566 or consent of department.


  1. Fundamentals of Database Systems, by Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant B. Navathe, (7th Edition), Addison-Wesley.
  2. Course notes made available online.


There will be approximately 5 homework assignments. Graded assignments are due on the assigned date. Due to the size of the course, grading will be minimal. Assignments will be given a grade of acceptable, needs work, or unacceptable.


There will be a midterm that will be announced in class at least a week in advance.

The final exam will be given in accordance with university policy at the time scheduled in the course catalog. If you have more than two final exams scheduled for the same day, you have the right to request the rescheduling of the exam with the highest course number.


There will be (roughly) weekly quizzes that are designed to test your knowledge of the material. Over the course of the semester, the quizzes will be the equivalent of an additional exam. The lowest quiz score will be dropped.


Assignments Midterm Quizzes Final
10% 28% 28% 34%
The final grade percentages follow a standard 10 point breakdown.
A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D F
[93-100%] [90-93%) [86-90%) [83-86%) [80-83%) [76-80%) [73-76%) [70-73%) [60-70%) <60%
There is no curve. The instructor reserves the right to adjust class grades upward. As personal policy, the instructor does not adjust grades downward to fit some predetermined curve.

Academic Misconduct

You are encouraged to study with others and ask questions of other students in the class. However, any work on assignments and exams must be done alone. You should never lend others your work, and never borrow someone else's work. You should never ask for the answers to an assignment from someone else. You should never offer the answers to an assignment to someone else.

If you have questions as to what is acceptable behavior with regards to sharing information, ask your instructor.

People involved in cheating will face a substantial grade penalty. An academic misconduct report must be filed.


If you need an accommodation for this class, please contact the Disability Resource Center as soon as possible.The DRC coordinates accommodations for students with disabilities. It is located on the 4th floor of the Health Services Building, and can be reached at 815-753-1303 (V) or

Also, please contact me privately as soon as possible so we can discuss your accommodations. The sooner you let us know your needs, the sooner we can assist you in achieving your learning goals in this course.