RD View - Texture Maps

The RD framework uses PBMplus images of arbitrary size for texture maps. Here are some of the texture maps used in scene description files given on this site.

earth1.ppm The next three images are scaled versions of NASA's Blue Marble data set. See http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Newsroom/BlueMarble.
moon.pgm This texture map of the moon comes from the Clementine moon mission. See http://astrogeology.usgs.gov/Projects/Clementine/index.html.
mars.ppm Higher resolutions of these texture maps of Mars and Jupiter can be found in James Hastings-Trew's excellent collection ( http://gw.marketingden.com/planets/planets.html
Bjorn Jonsson: ( http://www.mmedia.is/~bjj) has created some excellent planetary texture maps that can be freely used but not redistributed here.

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